LEON, (Walter Rainer Leonhardt) born in Vienna in 1933, from german parents, grew up in San Remo, Italy. Since then he has travelled an lived in many countries around the world. Although he started painting at 14, he decided selling only in 1990 with a surprising and immediate success.

Shortly afterwards he began a Series of CATS,not the kind you will meet on the streets; they reflect an ironic vision of humanity and the animal world, depicted in unusual colors and style, all different from one another, therefore unique and original, and today present in Museums in Amsterdam, Nice,Lausanne and Ainville.

 His largest work (350 x 180 cm) is exposed in the Belle Etŕge at the BERLIN HILTON HOTEL.

Since then, many articles, interviews on Television, have appeared in Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the USA. Many works of Lčon have been bought by some of the best Galleries throughout these and other countries, of which a few present at the ART COLOGNE and ART BASEL.

Other Series of Lčon are "THE USA SEEN BY A MARTIAN", "THE LOVERS", "HOMO VACUUM", "LIPS ", "12 FACES OF EVA", a Series of 10 satyrical works dipicting the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe, "THE RAVEN".

Lčon last two new Series are "LES SOLITUDES", and "WALLED-IN".

Posters were published in Italy, offset Lithografs in France and postcards in Europe and the USA. 

Lčon left us on October 11th 2013. Many of his works are visible at his home, in Italy, at the GARDA LAKE, in Bardolino.

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Email: info@leonsart.com

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